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Sierra ~ 23 ~ Running Insaniac

Hi there! Just a girl running through life (or trying to). I run the streets and I run treadmills. I run slow and not very far, but I run. I also occasionally do those devilish things called squats.

My ask is always open! Don't be shy :)

I track the tag heartspiritandinsanity

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    Changing things up! I’m tech challenged, so some link or other is probably messed up somewhere and my cover photo is kind of dreary, but it’s from a moment I was really proud of a few weeks back. Things I’ve included in case any of you care and frankly, you don’t have to! include:

    • My updated About Me section.
    • My Running progress (sort of short at the moment).
    • Link to my fandom blog.
    • Personal entries.
    • Link to all the stuff back when I did Insanity so very long ago.
    • Something else I’m forgetting and am too lazy to go look up.

    Feel free to tell me what you think, or don’t. Totally up to you. As long as you’re happy, I’m happy. :)

    Running to Summer

    Have decided to join in the challenge!

    Name: Sierra

    Goal: 50 miles

    Reward: New running clothes.

    Want to know what I’m talking about? Find out here! Let’s do this everybody! :)

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