Insanely Sweet

Sierra ~ 23 ~ Running Insaniac

Hi there! Just a girl running through life (or trying to). I run the streets and I run treadmills. I run slow and not very far, but I run. I also occasionally do those devilish things called squats.

My ask is always open! Don't be shy. Et je parle français, donc vous pouvez me contacter en anglais ou français comme vous voulez! :)

I track the tag heartspiritandinsanity

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  • runningandribbons reblogged your photo and added:

    It looks so beautiful Sierra! I didn’t realize…

    We shall heal together!!! Hopefully both my ankle and your shoulder will be quick mends. Injury just sucks all around, doesn’t it? :(


    Speedy 1.5 mile warmup on the treadmill (8:30 min/mile) before worldanz! After all the hill running I’ve been doing, the treadmill is both really easy and really boring.

    Also my dance instructor was realllly intense today. So much jumping. So many squats and lunges. Jump squats.

    Going to feel my legs tomorrow.

    Miles in September: 15.44/60 miles


    Just had an epiphany about what to write for my applications in the shower.

    Life tip: when in doubt, shower.

    That is so true!! The shower is a great thinking space.

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